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Nouveau Matériel de stabilisation STRATOS

Message par Raquel Neves le Vendredi 20/01/2012 1:48:49

Arkenciel a écrit :
Raquel Neves a écrit :Bonjour, Good afternoon,
I want to know more about the technique stratos, I had one of my threads canceled by the board administrator for not knowing how to express myself very well in the French language :( . Sorry, I wonder if the bar is removed stratos after a few years. In the Nuss is removed after three years, the stratos is removed from the body after how many years?
Thank you!
I'm happy to talk to you all

I'm the board administrator and I canceled your thread not because you don't express yourself very well in French but only because you haven't to post the same subject several times.

Stratos --> 3 years but Pr. Wihlm would tell you. No ?

I delete the other answers

When I awoke from surgery, some doctors said that they did not know if the bar would be removed, said that for now would be definitive. He said they were still studying whether you need to remove in the future. Do you know anything new about the subject? Merci
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